Teen & Tween Club
Card and Board Games
Monday, February 13th at 10am
Teen and Tween Club is just for teens and tweens. We are looking for their input on activities with an emphasis on building friendships and Camaraderie. Parents, you are welcome to leave your older kids and spend some quality time with the younger kids in or outside the library! We will have plenty of parents on hand supervising.

Homeschool I Spy Jars
Wednesday, February 22nd at 10am
Ages K-2nd Grade
Make your own I Spy Jar with materials provided. Then discover all the fun games you can create to teach everything from language arts to math, art to science. *Please bring extra trinkets from the junk drawer if you have them.

Georgia Museum of Art Suitcase Tour
Monday, March 27th at 10am
Ages K-2nd Grade
An artist/art educator from the Georgia Museum of Art will bring works of art and materials for an art project TBD(to be determined)