Georgia Museum of Art Resources

A great big shout out THANK YOU to Callan Steinman of Georgia Museum of Art for bringing a fun, hands-on introduction to exploring an art museum. If you missed the program, or your students were too old for this program, don’t despair. The museum offers a variety of programs for kids of all ages from group tours to summer day camps to family day art projects. Contact Callan and she will set you up!

Georgia Museum of Art Suitcase Tour

This Monday, March 27th at 10am Georgia Museum of Art will bring the museum to us! Lead by an artist/art educator, this Suitcase Tour is designed for students in grades K-2 and features the works of five artists from the permanent collection. Through a discussion of these paintings and related hands-on activities, students will learn about the elements of art and gain a better understanding of how to look and talk about art. Follow-up activities and information about the museum are also included with this tour.